About Us

Blind and partially sighted people have access to national and regional news through radio and television but they can miss out on their really local news.

A weekly recording of extracts from the Hampshire Chronicle can provide a link for those in the Winchester area who are less able to see. We also record a monthly magazine, a miscellany of articles chosen from other popular publications.

The recordings are available free of charge to any blind or partially sighted person – and postage is free for sending them back to us. You will also be supplied, free of charge, a player for playing  the 'memory sticks' we send you. 

The cost of producing these recordings is covered by fund raising and donations.  

A group of volunteers meets every Thursday evening to select the items of news and other interest which will be recorded.

On Friday morning, in our studio, a presenter and readers make a 90 minute recording of the chosen items. 

The recording is copied onto memory sticks and despatched for delivery by Royal Mail on Saturday morning.

Chairman's Reports

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